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Relocation of SLC Sautter Lift Components GmbH & Co. KG from Stuttgart to Kornwestheim

Well-known team - new location: We are moving to Kornwestheim.

We kindly ask you to consider the following change of our address from 01.01.2018:

SLC Sautter Lift Components GmbH & Co. KG
Remsstr. 2 | 70806 Kornwestheim | Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 7154 9996-0
Telefax: 07154 9996-501


Further contacts:


SLC at the interlift 2017

Once again, we are exposing our products together with the Canadian company Peelle Ltd. the world market leader for large vertical sliding doors. SLC is the sole sales partner of Peelle doors in the German-speaking countries.

At the same location as in previous years, at the entrance to Hall 7 Stand 7180, we are showing new and exciting product innovations and our reliable "classics".

Safety gears type SG and BF: A large number of variable standard tripping devices allow the installation of our safety gears in each lift system and lifting device. Further we have supplemented our safety gears with different mounting variants and integrated in the car frame.

With our CF car frame, which can be used for all lifts according to EN 81, we offer a weight- and space-saving steel sheet construction for MRL passenger and goods lifts as well as conventional lifts with machine room.

Also available are special solutions for reduced pit depth and reduced shaft headroom.

To meet the UCM requirements of EN 81-20 / 50 (EN 81-1 / 2, A3), we present our modular UCM complete system, consisting of detection, tripping, braking device, governor rope, tension weight, emergency power supply, all required cables, electrical adaption to existing lift controller incl. circuit diagram.

Alternatively activation of safety brake on machine or hydraulic valve is also possible. An optional Wi-Fi server ensures smooth online support. All components are harmonized and certificated individually

Our drum drive lift without counterweight type SDD has become even more flexible. On base of a TÜV Süd certificate of conformity, it is possible for us to reduce the diameter ratio to D/d to 20. This saves space and allows us to use gearless machines in our MRL kits - in addition to the proven planetary and worm gears. Take a look at our adaptive drive solutions and our practical examples.

Finally, we present a selection of our approved and tested LOGOS lift doors for new installations and for modernization. All LOGOS doors meet the current requirements of the EN81-20/- 50 guidelines. Double door leaves provide stability and smoothness. The Siemens door drive ensures fast closing and opening speeds.

LOGOS doors are available in 2-parts (telescope or central), 3-parts, 4-parts, 6-parts versions as well as electrogalvanized, powder-coated, plated with stainless steel or made of glass.

Our team is looking forward to your visit and many inspiring conversations


SLC at Liftech EXPO 2016 in Cairo, Egypt

Within only four years the Liftech Expo has developed to a very interesting platform for business contacts with Egypt and North Africa. More than 80 exhibitors from Europe, Asia and MENA countries welcomed around 3,300 visitors on a total area of 8,000 m². Due to its geographical position and more than 87 million inhabitants, Egypt offers a great potential and shows it high appearance within the Arab world. Large investment programs of the Egyptian government and private investors brought more than 100 international decision-makers from the building and elevator industry to the fair.

The metropolis of Cairo with more than 22 million inhabitants is one of the most populous cities in the world. Water and electricity supply and ensuring of transport and infrastructure is the biggest challenge for public administration. The Egyptian government is now planning to build a new capital for approximately 45 billion US dollars east of Cairo. In convenient location, a new seat of government including an administrative district and 1.1 million government subsidized housing units shall be build on a total of 700 square kilometers. Technological solutions "Made in Germany" are highly appreciated and ever more international tenders of large investment projects (e.g. Port Said and Port El-Sokhna, logistics center Suez, Egyptian American Medical Center, Mall of Egypt, etc.), explicitly ask for European components. German SMEs have a competitive advantage when special expertise is needed. They can score in the area of ​​special and niche products as well as supporting services.

Our sales partner Eltouny Elevator Co., which exclusively sells our SWG gear machines in Egypt, was an important sponsor of the exhibition and therefore present with a large booth.

This gave us the opportunity to introduce our SWG gear machines and our safety gears to new customers. Additionally, we could make some interesting contacts with other companies from the Arab and Turkish region. As a result for SLC, the Liftech Expo 2016 was significantly larger and more promising than expected.

SLC at Liftech EXPO 2016

Interlift 2015 fair gleanings

The infterlift 2015 lies successfully behind us and we would like to show a short review of it. At first some general numbers of the fair 2015.

This time three new records were set:

  • A new visitor record with 20.500 visitors from 100 countries. At the top of the foreign visitors was Italy with 11%, followed by Spain with (10%) and Switzerland with (7%). And 9% from all visitors came from Asia.
  • A new exhibitor record: 541 exhibitors from 43 different countries, 70% from abroad.
  • A new exhibition space record: 42.500 qm taken area.

This year we shared our stand with the company Peelle Ltd., which is our co-operation partner for big vertical sliding doors since the last summer.  Our stand was at the entree of hall 7 and was overall very well visited on all four days. Many of our visitors came from German speaking countries, but there were also English, Spanish, Dutch, Iranian, Arabic and Turkish visitors.

The biggest attention obtained the three drum drives. The customer interest was really high. The safety gears with different attachment variants and a new Bowden cable solution were as well in a great demand. Also the new A3 complete solution and the cabin with our car frame CF got a lot of attention. Our drum drive was also present at the stands of the company Wittenstein AG (planetary gear) and of the company Schwartz Plastics (special plastic drum). There were also a lot of interested visitors.

The numbers of the fair contacts was around 40% higher than two years ago. 60% of our visitors came from abroad. The teamwork with Peelle had positive effects for both companies. Our potential customers could also get information about the Peelle vertical and horizontal sliding doors and Peelle customers received an overview of our product range. From our point of view the interlift 2015 was an all around successful fair and the cooperation with Peelle seems very promising for us.

SLC & PEELLE interlift 2015

SLC at the interlift 2015 in hall 7 stand 7195

Our this year's highlights are:

The Sautter Drum Driver - the ideal solution for narrow shafts

With innovative features, it is the ideal lift for retrofitting of elevators in existing buildings. Suitable for narrow staircases, shafts and low shaft pits with a reduced headroom. In addition to the proven planetary drive SLC will also introduce a worm gear with drum attachment, an interesting alternative for the modernization of small elevators with machine rooms. Come and see the various application fields of our Sautter Drum Driver with examples of running lifts in Hamburg, London, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and other cities.

SLC provides technologies and solutions that meet the highest quality and safety standards

This includes our car frame solutions that are integrated with our proven safety gear BF. This means that pay loads of 320 kg up to 10 tons can be realized. The weight and space-saving sheet steel construction for machine-room-less passenger and freight elevators and conventional drive concepts with machine room create weight reserves for cabin interiors. Our car frame is particularly easy to install (one-man assembly), its modular design allows free choice of the individual components (guiderails, safety gears, etc.).

Our successful safety gear series BF and SG cover load ranges up to 12 tons and travelling speeds up to 2.5 m/ s. At the booth we will show a range of different installation and mounting possibilities for our safety gears.

The gear machine series SWG completes our range of exhibits. We present:

  • SWG1 gear machine with safety brake fo rincreased braking torque to meet the stopping distances according to EN 81-1/2: A3 and machine frame
  • The compact SWGX gear machine for load range up to 450kg.
  • SWG1 gear machine with plastic drum
Come and visit our booth: interlift, Hall 7 Stand 7195
SLC Product Range


Our UCM-MOD-KIT – demonstrator with a newly developed board as a complete solution: with modular design and for use with any control

Together with experienced partners from the elevator industry SLC developed the UCM-MOD-KIT as a complete system to meet the requirements of the DIN EN 81-1 / 2: A3. The system consists of detection, triggering, safety brake, governor rope, tension weight and an emergency power supply for evacuation. For completion SLC also provides the necessary cables and - on request, the electrical adaptation to the existing controller, including circuit diagram

All components can be matched and have single type examinations – thus configureable complete systems are possible.

The integrated control logic takes over control of the battery condition, control of the battery charging process and the discharge. The emergency rescue is carried out by push button operation, the number of emergency rescues is only limited by the battery capacity.

The UCM-MOD-KIT is suitable for all types of elevators and for integration in all elevator controls.

Board of the UCM-MOD-KIT

SLC Sautter Lift Components GmbH & Co. KG is from now on the German sales partner of Peelle Company Ldt.

The Canadian-based family-owned Peelle Company is the world's largest provider of vertical and horizontal sliding doors for freight elevators. Since 1905 Peelle is a high quality producer of doors and equipment and currently the market leader in vertical and horizontal sliding doors. Peelle offers the most robust door construction, which at present is available on the market - with door panels from 2.5 mm sheet steel. The sliding doors meet the highest safety and fire protection requirements and are in use worldwide, e.g. in the airports of Hong Kong and Singapore, the Pentagon, Taipei 101 Building, Petronas Towers and many more.

As a supplier of mechanical assembly kits, also for heavy loads, SLC knows Peelle products for many years and has used various Peelle doors in challenging special projects. Based on these positive experiences SLC wants to advise its customers already in the planning stage about the optimal use of Peelle doors. This sales cooperation enables SLC  to offer its customers not only heavy freight doors  but also complete mechanical packages for heavy freight lifts.

At the interlift 2015 on the joint booth 7195 in Hall 7,  Peelle presents a vertical sliding door with novel door drive system. The (master) door controls of the frequency-controlled landing door drives match directly with the (slave) door control of the car door, using wireless technology. 

SLC shows a cross section of different drive solutions, based on its long experience with drum drive systems without counterweight. The range of exhibits will be completed by planetary gears and gearless drives, with machine room in the shaft head and solutions for drives - either in the machine room or in the shaft pit.

Hank Peelle and Klaus Sautter at the completion of the distribution co-operation

New order for/from Specialist Lift Services

In England the provision of storage facilities for private and commercial users is becoming increasingly important. The Shurgard company is one of the leading companies in this field and is active throughout Europe. Our English customer Specialist Lift Services has received an order for two pairs of goods lifts for the recent projects of the Shurgard company. So they placed an order at SLCs for the mechanical shaft equipment with an order volume of around 90.000 Euro. All the Shurgard buildings in London can be reached by car or van and have plenty of parking space. Objects are thus easy to load and unload. Customers have a 7 days a week access to their storage units, including a private key and PIN. Important for businesses and customers are not only well-ventilated and dry storage areas, but also functioning elevators. On six floors the Shurgard Park Royal complex offers convenient self-storage possibilities with individual storage rooms from 10 to 300 square meters.

The Shurgard Park Royal complex

Elevator of the month of june of the lift safety campaign of VFA

The lift of the month was installed by the Hamburg-situated elevator company Brosch Standard Lift subsequently in the stairwell of a residential house. SLC Sautter Lift Components extremely space-saving construction without counterweight permitts to build the lift in the narrow stairwell and to provide a ground-level access to the elevator. Another special feature is the bright and transparent cabin with generous panoramic glass doors. The lift solution enables the residents a barrier-free and safe access to the apartments, the living comfort increased significantly - particularly for people with disabilities.
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Lift of the month of june

Our new subtenant is at SLC

Since April 2015 the Rudolf-Sophien-Stift (RSS) - which is supplier of SLC for more than 7 years - has started the production with its staff on the ground floor. Therefore, we want to briefly introduce the organization: As a non-profit organization, the Rudolf-Sophien-Stift has made it a mission to give people a future perspective in the field of profession. Since 1973, it supports people in their reintegration into the labor market. Today the caritative workshops offer more than 300 people a place of vocational rehabilitation. The workshops do the work on an economic base, which can assert itself in the market by a versatile range of  quality products and services.

Currently the RSS is working at SLC with 2 coaches and 5-7 employees. The number of employees will increase in the coming months.


Moving of the RSS machines to the new production area of RSS at SLC

Asansör 2015

The third participation at the Asansör in Istanbul was a great success for SLC. As addition  to the world's leading exhibition interlift in Germany, the Asansör is the platform for discussions with existing and potential customers from Turkey, Iran, many Balkan countries and of course visitors from all  Arab countries. Nevertheless, customers from Germany and Poland could also be found in Istanbul.  

Again we could make many promising contacts with new customers and we even received concrete orders. For SLC  it is important to be  regularly present at this fair. 

With many customers, especially from the Arab world, business deals can be concluded only after a long time of getting acquainted. Additionally to the interlift and for  this reason it is important to use the Asansör for customer communication and to underline the interest in the Turkish and the  Middle Eastern Markets. 

We found our visitors to be well informed and partially prepared for the visit at our booth by the SLC website. Due to the positive response SLC will also be exhibitor at Asansör 2017.

SLC booth at the ASANSÖR 2015

Elevator of the month of december of the lift safety campaign of VFA

The elevator of the month December 2014 is an exterior lift at an apartment building in the Odenwald region. A small component is a characteristic of this lift, which is mandatory for the safety of a lift: the safety gear. For the elevator of the month a three-sided access was needed - within smallest space - which is still covering all the safety requirements. A specially developed and compact safety gear from SLC Sautter Lift Components was installed, which disappears in the car frame construction of the elevator car. Especially when retrofitting elevators in existing buildings, customized solutions are essential.
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SLC external lift in Michelstadt

New incentives for higher elevator security: German elevators are safe!

With a “security campaign” the VFA-Interlift e.V. and its members, position themselves as the quality guarantor for safe elevators and its essentials. The main reason for this campaign is to enhance the public awareness of the high safety standards of German elevators. The results of a qualified survey that was initiated by the VFA show that 91% of the occasional elevator users feel safe and this number even gets higher with the frequent users.

In 2013, every second elevator of approximately 480,000 lift systems tested passed inspection with zero-defect, the best result since 2010. The number of minor deficiencies has been reduced by 17% in 2013 - as well the number of severe accidents is continuously declining since 2010.

“99 % of our work on elevators is safety related and therefore we provide information about concepts that enhance elevator safety”, explains Klaus Sautter, VFA executive board member and CEO of SLC Sautter Lift Components.

According to the VFA-Interlift e.V. , medium-sized elevator companies who develop, manufacture, install and maintain those safety components, have a distinctive share of the high level safety of elevators in Germany.

An important part of the VFA-safety campaign is the promotion of the “elevator of the month”, in which the VFA members present to the public all possible safety packages that a lift system could possibly carry, e.g. components diversity, functionality and  structural detail

The “Elevator of the month” is published on the VFA-website, on the VFA-press mailing list of technical journals and the local media.

Klaus Sautter, VFA-Interlift e.V. annual general meeting, 2014

March 2014

Training of ‚VFA Akademie’

SLC was host of a new training of ‚VFA Akademie’ on 20th March, 2014.


SLC in February

The International Airport Dubai counts as one of the world’s largest airports. In order to accommodate the constantly growing passenger traffic, the International Airport Dubai has put Concourse A in Terminal 3 under construction, with plans to increase the capacity by 15 million passengers to a total of 75 million passengers annually. With anticipated costs of 3.3 billion US dollars, this terminal will be the world’s first and only terminal designed and developed exclusively for the Airbus A380. Schindler AG has been assigned to deliver and install 45 elevators and 43 escalators for this project, one of which is a freight elevator designated for the transportation of airfield cleaning vehicles.

In the summer of 2013, SLC was awarded the contract to build the steel construction of this freight elevator. In February 2014, the project went into the crucial phase of production, of which one highlight was the disposal of 22 tons of material with three trucks.

Because of its dimensions, this elevator is one of the largest freight elevators that SLC has constructed and manufactured (CABIN AREA 6,5 m. by 3,2m – NET LOAD 6 tons (13,227 lbs.) – ELEVATOR CAR WEIGHT 8 tons). The cabin suspension is 6:1 and therefore cabin and counterweight are each equipped with 4 diverter pulleys. In the shaft headroom a total of 3 pulley carriers each with 2 rope pulleys. The professional and timely manner in which the project was completed has proven once again SLC’s ability to fulfill challenging custom solutions.


The year 2014 started for SLC with a record-breaking inflow of orders

SLC starts the New Year 2014 with the biggest job ever in the company’s history, worth over 1 Mio Euro.

Vital for this remarkable order were the high demand for product groups like „safety gears“ and "gear machines" as well as the increased demand for "spare parts" in both sectors, electrical and mechanical.

Another key factor for increased sales was additional demands in specially built SLC-construction kits for drum-driven lifts without counterweight, our product the SAUTTER DRUM DRIVER. Since delivering the first SAUTTER DRUM DIRVER in December 2013 to London, two more orders were placed by the City of London.

The high orders are the foundation for achieving SLC’s quantity and quality targets in 2014. SLC expects a continuous demand for all product groups in the quarters to follow. SLC sees these positive results as solid evidence for the quality of their products and the efficient implementation of specific customer requirements and custom solutions.

Another thriving market segment for SLC are custom solutions. SLC was recently pleased to lock in several new contracts for these type of products, including a drum drive with control for a portal milling machine as well as a full steel freight elevator construction with a car area of 21 sq. m. for the new terminal at the International Dubai Airport. SLC is planning to expand this product line in the near future.

Products of SLC
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